If you think you need to be super fit and run like Mo Farah to be a member of the Maidstone Harriers, think again. Maidstone Harriers is such an inclusive and supportive club, with something to offer everyone, regardless of ability and speed. I am not your stereotypical runner, certainly don’t have the physique of a runner and I am certainly not fast, (in fact, I’m quite often overtaken by people walking!), but that doesn’t stop me being part of an amazing club and feeling both valued and included. Whether that is at a Tuesday track session, or club run, I am always made to feel welcome and encouraged and, most of all, everyone is friendly and, it’s fun (honestly!)

The Harriers isn’t just a running club, they offer cycle and swim training. The swim training is excellent, great coaches who work with you, whatever your standard or goal, to help you improve your overall technique and swim fitness.

And, it isn’t just a sports club, there is a great social side too, whether that’s a Wednesday night drink after the club run, a quiz night or a summer BBQ.

If you have ever thought about running, (or swimming or cycling), but dismissed it, thinking you wouldn’t be quick enough, can’t do it, or don’t know where to start, or you used to run and want to get back into it, or you are a super speedy fast runner, then the Harriers is for you.