The Triathlon Championships is where you race in designated races, combined this year for the 1st time with British Triathlons TESE (Triathlon England South East) series. You represent our club and earn points towards the Tri Championships Competition.


You need to compete in a minimum of 5 events with the points from the best 5 events tallied up. This will give us the Triathlon Championships Winner at the end of the Tri season in September. 


Your time for each event is entered into a fancy space age database which gives you points. The beauty of the club champs system is that it is based on an age/gender related handicap system, meaning that everyone stands a chance, it also means that there are more chances of getting Harriers to the same event = camaraderie and support.

The Triathlon Championship Races for 2020 are:

East Grinstead Sprint Triathlon


Ocean Lake Sprint Triathlon (Senior Series Event Only)


Eastbourne Standard Triathlon (ETU Qualifier)


Bewl Sprint Triathlon


Dartford Bridge Sprint Triathlon


The Rules


  • All club members who take part in a designated club championship race will be awarded points for that race.
  • All points awarded for races between the AGM and 30th June are provisional, pending the runner paying the following year’s subscription.
  • A member whose subscription remains unpaid after 30th June will be ineligible to receive points for any races after that date, until the subscription is paid in full. In the event that a member scores points for a race and then leaves either by design or default, those points will remain with that runner until the end of the year.
  • You must be wearing club kit (including wild card events). This should be the black triathlon kit (tri-suit, or tri t-shirt). If you are in your first year of competing this rule can be waived, but you must contact the Tri Captain prior to your 1st club champs race. 
  • Sign up to the event as (caps) MAIDSTONE HARRIERS RUN & TRI CLUB. This is so that it is easy for our numbers guru to check your results, and so that we qualify for points in the inter-club competition.
  • A minimum of 5 designated races must be participated in from the TESE series. Up to 2 wild card races can be entered as well. 
  • Optional – You are requested to write a short report after and share to the Tri Facebook group with any pictures. Humour is to be encouraged. 


Wild Card Events – 1 must be a Kent based event. The other can be outside of Kent (not including relays).