Ian Watton

Club Treasurer


I started running after seeing an advert at my workplace for Parkrun; I thought “how hard can it be do go round the Great Lines a couple of times?” Two weeks later and I knew if I wanted to get to the end of another Parkrun, without collapsing halfway round, I needed help and that’s when I found the Harriers.

Before 2018 I hadn’t run anything over 1k since school (and back then, some 25 years before, I was lapped by the entire field of runners before I’d finished one lap of the school field). Now I can run over 10k without stopping (okay maybe that’s a fib, but I try). I’ve finished a few races both at 5mile and 10k (in the company of a tail walker) and have shiny medals hanging on my wall to prove it; the favourite of these is a rather large one with frogs on it.


During the 2019-2020 winter season I tried my feet at Cross Country: yep you guessed it in the company of the tail walker each time! My current goal is moving up to a 10 mile race. (That’s the equivalent distance of Gillingham to Sittingbourne – if I manage it there’s a Pizza Hut at the finish line; what an incentive!) For someone who hated running at school, I think I’ve done rather well. As for my club role, I’m the Treasurer. I like excel spreadsheets – a lot!