James Mead

Digital. Social Media & Kit Secretary



I’m a new baby to the Harrier family, having only joined back in August (2019) after being slowly convinced multisports are a good idea. The Harriers Recruitment Team have an amazing presence at Leybourne Lakes!. 


Back at school while I hated team sports (rugby and football – just no….) I did take PE for my GCSE’s and A Levels. Biology fascinates me and back then I loved to trampoline. I was all set to carry on to University to do some form of sports degree, however, my brain had had enough of learning and wanted to try the adult thing. 


Queue 15ish years of being an “adult” combined with long periods of either commuting across london or working from home adding a few extra inches around my waist. This combined with increasing periods of depression meant as I hit my 30’s I decided I needed to get more active. 


I started swimming at my local pool daily followed by discovering a love of open water swimming. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride since then…. Two aquathons, starting taking part in Parkrun, swimming around Hever Castle lake. The power of bling is strong and drawing me towards more and more events – primarily multi-sport ones but a few running only as well…